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Lindsay Belcastro

Founder, Executive Director and Our Instructor

 “I am a person in Recovery who has studied under Johnny Kest; Center for Yoga, of Ann Arbor training twice. I have worked in the rehabilitation field as a staff for five years, and I have taught to over twelve hundred detox students, Sobriety Court, and people in recovery at no cost since 2014.  In addition to promoting health and wellness through yoga, I am the founder and executive director of Recovery-Infused Yoga Community Center.  I teach a recovery based yoga, focused on evolution towards a community that heals.  Yoga is a tool I use daily to enhance my sobriety and serenity.  My goal is to provide a safe and creative space for people in recovery to build back the skills they may have lost in their trials.  I love to practice varieties of yoga and will share what I learn with our students. I believe yoga is medicine"

Our instructors

Recovery Infused Yoga

               A Recovery-Infused Yoga Community Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Holly Linton

 Holly has been practicing yoga for over a decade. She first found yoga as an alternative and supplement to traditional mental health treatment. Having battled severe depression, anxiety and addiction, yoga brought a healing aspect unlike any treatment she had ever experienced. She became inspired to share this experience with others who still suffer. Holly is a 200-registered yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga and fitness classes for three years. She states “Those of us who have been in the dark and step into the light cannot feel anything less than burning desire to help others out of those dark places. That is my mission in life; to meet those who are suffering exactly where they are, and to support them on their healing journey into new life. We can change the world, one heart at a time.”